Keynote: Appreciation and Gratitude in companies

The Keynote "Appreciation and Gratitude in companies" is:

  • New, unique, professional and inspiring

  • Valuable knowledge including entertaining real live examples

  • A Keynote in real live or online with a length of approx. 45 minutes including interactive questions 

An inspiring and authentic Keynote


Organizers, event managers and companys are looking for anything unique on the agenda of their next event.
 "Gratitude makes you happy" offers a practical, inspiring and motivating lecture with genuine life stories causing a memorable reminder for any audience.
This keynote has the potential to change your own life and maybe that of other people sustainably and positively.

Gratitude is not an app or just another item on a to-do list.
The fact is, beeing grateful and economic success are also closely related.

About Nicole Müller

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